About (Part Two)


I have never been lucky enough to meet David in person.

I suffer ill health. I am also not very good in crowded places, this prevents me from being able to go and see him when he tours/gigs in the UK. I have never been to the US or experienced a Comic Con.

I ย was lucky enough however, towards the end of last year to be on Ebay at the right time to catch a charity auction.

The Forget Me Not Project Charity, travels around the country and abroad, visiting events where they ask celebrities to pose for photographs, holding one of their charity flowers. They also ask for the person’s autograph.

Somebody from the charity attended David’s gig at the Shepherd’s Bush Theatre in London on the ย 7th May, 2016.

They were able to get David to pose for one of their photos and he kindly signed one of their charity cards.

About The Charity:

The charity (based in Cornwall, UK) auctions off items to raise money for their charity. It is run a by a couple who sadly lost their daughter during pregnancy in 2003. They were told at 20 weeks that their baby daughter would not survive birth and made the devastating decision to terminate the pregnancy. At the time little support was available for them and they then decided to set up a charity to support people who go through the same sort of upsetting experience.

See Faceook/Twitter – Forget Me Not Project.

The result of all this was that I saw the photograph of David on their Ebay auction site that night. I had popped on looking for people selling off their X Files memoribilia. I ended up with postcards but that is another story.

After a day an a half of waiting and putting in continual higher ย bids. I came out the victor.

ยฃ38 to a well deserving charity and a prized gem for myself. So thank you to the Forget Me Not Charity in Cornwall and thank you to David for agreeing to pose for the photo. It is now framed and hanging on the wall.

Maybe I will manage to get one in person sometime in the future. Until then…

David Duchovny – My Photograph And Autograph.

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