David’s Pledge Music Q&A

Short video clip here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/david-duchovny/updates

— @Bloodbubble Asked: How is the second album going to be different from the first? 

I think it had a broader range of musical styles. A little more rock, a little more experimental, maybe a little less dark, but still dark.

— @keighery_neil Asked: Hey David. Saw you in Glasgow o2 last year. Fab gig. When you coming back? Is Tom Petty a favorite? 
I do love tom petty. My mother is Scottish, I’m half Scottish so there’s always a chance I’ll come back to Glasgow. Good chance .

— @blurryriot Asked: What was your favorite episode of XFiles to shoot?
There’s a few. Dreamland was fun. But probably the unnatural cauSe it was the first time I wrote and directed —and that was so challenging and new and interesting to me

— @JustinDuchovny Asked: What was your favorite show when you were a kid?
Maybe Star Trek. Gilligan’s island. Carol Burnett. James at 16.

— @tinanimitz1 Asked: Hi I was wondering when #EveryThirdThought is going to be released, and wanted to know who influenced your music? 
Later this year. I don’t know who the influences are till after I hear it all produced 
And then I think still Petty, maybe some Bowie, I hope Wilco

— @JustinDuchovny Asked: What was your second favorite subject in school? 
English then history

— @bkingngood Asked: At Chicago Bucky F*cking Dent Q&A, you said Ted & Mariana were complementary soulmates. How do they complete each other?
He gets peanut butter on her chocolate and vice verse 
I dunno
Hopefully once you read you agree 
I can really say literally

— @whoisbillymiles Asked: I’m 32 and still on the very painful & frustrating stage of learning how to play the guitar. Any non-obvious tips to get through this?
Commit to at least 5 minutes a day

— @DrDuchovny Asked: Can you tell us anything more about Miss Subways? 
The inspiration was from many sources— it’s a love story so it’s really about the sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice that one can make for love 
It’s based somewhat on some old Irish mythology as well

— @K94lif Asked: Will brick appear in the Xfiles?
He may by mistake 😉

Thanks for all your questions.