Screencaps ‘IT’ Official Trailer

I am a big Stephen King. For me, IT has always been his scariest book. I actually had shaking hands when I read it back in the early 90’s. Couldn’t put it down though. Brilliant.

I read the book then saw Tim Curry in the original tv mini series made in 1990.

I still to this day, have a fear of clowns thanks to the book and Tim Curry’s great performance as ‘Pennywise’.

The first trailer has been released today for the new Warner Bros/New Line Cinema big screen version that is released in the UK/USA on 8th Sept 17. It’s being done over two movies. Part One follows the children ‘The Losers Club’ with the adult part of the story being told in the second movie. I have heard part two is due to shoot late this summer for a 2018 release (tbc).

Andres Muschietti is the director. I loved his previous film ‘Mama’ and think he was a great choice. Bill Skarsgard as ‘Pennywise’, being younger than Tim was when he made the original, brings a new look to it. He looks damn scary too.

I won’t be watching it at the cinema. I like to have peace and quiet, plus be able to rewind if needed, sio it’s the DVD for me.

Nevertheless, the trailer look eerie and creepy. I am really impressed with Bill Skarsgard and that after a two minute trailer.

Here are some photos from the trailer along with the original, rather great Tim Curry, original.

Beep, beep Richie. Bring It On.🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈


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